Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy new year!

Ohhh 2016, how dreaded thou art. And yet, thy demise draws near. Whilst we are still to see most of the repercussions of all the crap that went down, it is needless to say that on a global scale, the end of this semi-arbitrary time interval is more than welcome. Hopefully, it will mentally signify the end of the compulsory desire to make the worst decisions possible!
That being said, on an individualistic level - that level to which some people manage to, ahh so enviably, restrict their worries - my year was nothing short of amazing and that is thanks to the amazing people I have gotten to spend it with. <3 I also developed a nearly unhealthy passion to piano music, moved to another country, started a company and got a new title at my job, just to mention a few of the highlights!
I will not make resolutions for 2017 as I feel like stress has the way to sneak into our lives without inviting it with artificially made secret promises, but on the same note I hope that I, and people in general, will (or would start to) adamantly exercise critical thinking in their decision making. That is the only way to keep this sinking ship afloat!
So 2016... Thank you and jog on! Happy new year, everyone!

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